Feature Stories

May 1, 2013
Osher on the goOsher members 'barge' through Holland

Photo from a recent University of Richmond continuing education barge journey through Holland.

Did You Know?A walk through Richmond's African-American history

Interview of Osher member Floyd Meyers by member LeAnn Hensche. Floyd and LeAnn researched the Richmond Slave Trail for 2012 and 2013 guided walks.

Behind the Scenes at URUniversity of Richmond offers a passport to global education

Brzezinski may have once said that Americans don’t travel, but that can’t be said of Osher members or most Richmond students.

Insider InformationThe Osher Community Choir: We're singing and having the time of our lives

The Osher Community Choir reminds others—and themselves—that passionate and joyful singing can continue throughout their lives.

Where's Tim?Better than 'Where's Waldo?' - Identify 'Where's Tim?' and win a prize!

This issue continues the feature column titled “Where’s Tim?” In each issue we challenge you to figure out where one of Tim’s great pictures was taken.

School of Arts and Sciences Honors ConvocationDavid C. Evans Awards winners announced
On April 9, the School of Arts and Sciences announced the winners of the David C. Evans Awards at Honors Convocation.
April 30, 2013
Reggie Skinner, '97Alum details special assignment with the White House Office of Presidential Personnel
When a colleague walked into his office and asked if he wanted to work at the White House, Reggie Skinner, ’97, leapt at the chance.
April 29, 2013
Malori Holloman, '13Volunteering in a Northside Richmond neighborhood deepens student's understanding of poverty

Malori Holloman, ’13, has witnessed poverty’s effects on traumatized children, homeless adults, and troubled teens. Yet she finds reason to hope.

April 26, 2013
Andy SpaldingLaw professor teaches anti-bribery seminar in Germany
Law professor Andy Spalding encourages conversation about emerging field of international anti-bribery legislation.
Jah Akande, '13Student lobbies General Assembly and advocates on campus for LGBTQ rights
Jah Akande, ’13, fights for equality for LGBTQ citizens in the Virginia General Assembly and for students on the UR campus.