Feature Stories

January 21, 2013
Lucy Wise, '13Internship leads to career with investment bank for finance student
Lucy Wise's involvement with Spiders on Wall Street took her to New York City where she will return for a promising career after her May graduation.
Cullen Bonham, '14, Kadeem Fyffe, '13, Mark Kligman, '14, Michael Petrakis, '13 and Brian Topper, '15Students establish organization to spread their passion to others
Cullen Bonham founded Perfect Gentleman and later teamed with his peers at University of Richmond to grow a brand he hopes will inspire others.
Sofia WidenExchange student from Scotland enjoys a year at Richmond
Sofia Widen came to Richmond to further her economic and political studies education where she has taken advantage of all the campus has to offer.
January 16, 2013
Education Rights ClinicRachel Logan, L'13, gains experience at the Education Rights Clinic and carves career path in education law

Rachel Logan, L'13, gains experience at the Education Rights Clinic and carves career path in education law

January 14, 2013
Mentoring MentorsVISTA corps member supports UR students in their mentoring work
As a mentor, Michael Rogers, ’11, has grown intellectually and emotionally. Now he helps other Spiders grow in their mentoring work.
January 9, 2013
Did You Know?'Cheers!' to the youthful endeavors of Floyd Myers as a UR student

Confessions of an entreprenurial Richmond College graduate W. Floyd Myers, R‘60.

Leadership council and teams updateBuilding an Osher Village

How do the quotations “Build it and they will come” and “It takes a village...” relate to the present-day Osher Institute at University of Richmond?

Insider InformationRemembering Jane Tombes, W'54
Jane Tombes was “a natural.” She was a natural lifelong learner and surely just the kind of person Mr. Osher had in mind when he formed his institute.
Campus eCommunicationWhat's a SpiderByte? Does it hurt?

One of the coolest things about being an Osher member is having nearly the same benefits as regular full time students—including the ability to receive a daily SpiderByte of events on the UR campus.

Tim Hanger, photographerGetting to know Tim Hanger, official volunteer Osher Institute photographer

Chances are that if you have attended an Osher function within the past couple of years, you have been caught in the lens of my camera. I am Tim Hanger, Osher's volunteer photographer.