Powhatan, Virginia, native Doug Palmore, GB ’06, has had a long and successful career at Luck Companies, where he currently serves as vice president of Environmental Design and Development.  Palmore previously held the role of director of Risk Management and Environment, Health, and Safety and has been with Luck Companies for 15 years.  Luck Companies is a leading provider of crushed stone and construction aggregate products.

Get to know why Palmore is passionate about his work at Luck Companies and how The Richmond MBA has helped him transition into a leadership role within his organization.

Where did you complete your undergraduate degree?
I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Virginia and my Master's in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Why did you ultimately decide to join Luck Stone?
I decided to join Luck because the culture and their values seemed to align very well with me (and that has turned out to be the case).

What does a typical day look like for you?
I am very fortunate that my role has a lot of variability, and it is difficult to describe a typical day or week.  My primary responsibility is to provide effective leadership and remove obstacles for the diverse team of professionals I lead.  My role is to provide vision and unlock the potential in the other leaders I work with.

What makes you passionate about your work?
The commitment we have as an organization to ignite human potential and have a positive impact on other’s lives that enable and inspire our associates to do great work.  This can occur with our customers, neighbors, and communities as well.

How did you decide on The Richmond MBA?
I was working on my individual development plan with my former supervisor and mentor, and we agreed that I needed to increase my business acumen.  I chose The Richmond MBA because I have high regard for the University of Richmond as an institution and the MBA program is well-regarded.  I also liked the flexibility afforded by the part-time program.

How has The Richmond MBA helped you professionally?
The MBA filled in significant gaps in my education and experience in the areas of finance, accounting, strategy and ethics.  It has helped to give me the knowledge and the credibility to transition from a technical role to a leadership role within Luck.

Any professors or classes at the Robins School that have helped prepare you for your position at Luck Stone?
Senior Associate Dean Richard Coughlan’s ethics and negotiation classes were highlights.  His approach to the ethics class aligned very well with the conversation that was occurring at Luck Companies on values and leadership development during the time I was enrolled in the MBA program.  I also found Professor Roger Schnorbus’ strategy class to be very helpful, because I had very little exposure to strategy development or execution prior to his class. 

Palmore is a member of the National Stone Sand And Gravel Association (NSSGA),  where he was named Environmental Professional of the Year; a board member of the Capital Region Land Conservancy and serves on the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance.