Feature Stories

January 9, 2015
The Historian's WorkshopStudents learn about archiving and digital collections in hands-on history course
History students work with objects from University archives to create a digital collection.
Catherine Matthews '11Alumna pursues her passion for human rights through work on immigration reform

Alumna advocates for reform of our country’s immigration system

December 16, 2014
CIA Crisis Simulation Competition Students get an inside look at the CIA
Students work closely with CIA analysts in a crisis simulation competition held on campus
December 15, 2014
Ryan Frost, '05Alumnus works on a film that shows 9/11's impact on students
Ryan Frost, ’05, shares 9/11 stories to preserve the memories of those who experienced the day.
December 3, 2014
Owen Hutchinson, '13A life of musical exploration leads to a career encouraging others to discover a love for jazz
A jazz junky since childhood, Owen Hutchinson, ’13, spends his days forming relationships around music as a development manager for the Vail Jazz Foundation.
December 1, 2014
Kara Jonas, '15Senior learns how speaking Latin can help one absorb the language
Kara Jonas, ’15, researched oral Latin and how speaking the dead language can impact an individual’s understanding.
November 20, 2014
Kimberly Leonard, '09Alumna holds onto passion that was sparked by writing for UR's college newspaper
Kimberly Leonard, ’09, a healthcare reporter for U.S. News & World Report, recalls her days working for The Collegian and her journey into journalism.
November 12, 2014
The RVADHD Project3 senior psychology students work closely with Dr. Laura Knouse to research adult ADHD

Caroline Smith '15, Lauren Oddo,'15, and Leah Doghramji, '15, and psychology professor Laura Knouse created the RVADHD Project to research and better understand adult ADHD, and engage the larger Richmond community.

November 6, 2014
Measuring NanoparticlesIn physics professor Matt Trawick's lab, students like Greg Hamilton, '17, are honing their research skills
When measuring nanoparticles, the smallest discrepancy can mean a big error. Physics professor Matt Trawick and his student researchers are creating algorithms to correct for these tiny shifts.
David Raiser, '06Alum founds a biotech company that focuses on drug resistance genotyping
David Raiser, ’06, is the CEO and co-founder of Aldatu, a company that is trying to make HIV drug resistance testing affordable and accessible.