Feature Stories

June 24, 2010
Natalia Sanders, '10Starting Out: Richmond graduate widens her skill set as a consultant with Deloitte in D.C.
Like many Jepson School graduates, Natalia Sanders is starting out in consulting. She'll be with Deloitte Consulting in their Washington office.
Summer Institute 2010Leading economists present new research on role of markets, rules, and institutions
Top scholars and students from around the world gathered at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies for the 11th annual Summer Institute for the History of Economic Thought. The conference was co-directed by Jepson dean Sandra J. Peart.
June 22, 2010
Irene KhanJepson Forum 2009-10: Amnesty International's leader says poverty is a human rights issue.
Poverty is a complex human rights crisis, Secretary General of Amnesty International Irene Khan told The Jepson Leadership Forum Oct. 23, 2009.
Richard ReevesJepson Forum 2009-10: The Individual and Society and What John Stuart Mill Would Think
Consultant Richard Reeves spoke on liberalists’ obligation to the common good as perceived by John Stuart Mill, one of the greatest public intellectuals in British history, at the The Jepson Leadership Forum Sept. 16, 2009.
Steven PinkerJepson Forum 2009-10: A History of Violence.
Harvard University psychology professor Steven Pinker spoke on the human mind and violence as part of the The Jepson Leadership Forum 2009- 10 Season on “The Common Good.”
Jesse PrinzJepson Forum 2009-10: Can We Find a Common Good in a Morally Diverse World?
Philosopher Jesse Prinz spoke on how the multiplicity of morality across cultures complicates the notion of the common good at the Jepson Alumni Center as part of The Jepson Leadership Forum 2009-10 Season on “The Common Good.”
June 21, 2010
Recent Robins School Faculty AccomplishmentsMay - June 2010 Faculty Accomplishments
Robins School Faculty Accomplishments for the months of May and June 2010, as collected via Digital Measures
The Richmond MBAInaugural Golf Tournament a Success
Tournament raises $3,550 to support Junior Achievement
Claudia Cadena, '10Graduate encouraged diversity, inclusiveness
Not satisfied with the breadth of cultural groups already in existence, Claudia Cadena, ’10, and several friends revived the defunct Spanish and Latino Student Alliance (SALSA).
June 18, 2010
Will Cragin, '09Student spends half of college in Tanzania, then interns at USAID
When Will Cragin, '09, wanted to do some traveling in his senior year of high school, he had no idea that the one-month AIDS prevention volunteer program he chose in Tanzania would spark a passion for public health in Africa, and that the trip would be the first of many to that country over the next several years.