Feature Stories

October 1, 2014
Remi Pomaranski, '16 A yearlong SSIR, two internships, and a summer of research on modern-day slavery helped focus Remi Pomaranski's interests in human rights
After serving as the RA for Monti Datta’s SSIR on human rights and modern-day slavery, Remi Pomaranski, ’16, continued her research on survivors and interned with the Michigan Abolitionist Project this summer with a UR Summer Fellowship.
September 30, 2014
Rene Felt, '15Layers of paint reveal layers of identity in junior's art
With the help of a UR Summer Fellowship, René Felt, '15, spent the summer creating a series of paintings that explore his American, Japanese, and German identities.
Abbey Beichler, '15Senior interns with juvenile public defender's office
Senior pursues her interest in criminal justice through work with the Maryland Office of the Public Defender’s juvenile division.
Kylie McCormick, '17Bringing dance and smiles to the Philippines

The Tuloy Foundation provided Kylie McCormick, '17, a full range of opportunities to teach, serve, and reflect on her faith.

September 24, 2014
Al Califano, '15Junior may be a born performer, but he's just as passionate about the work that goes on off stage
Al Califano, ’15, has a passion for theater and music — one that he explores on the stage, at an internship with a talent agency, and with a theater in London.
September 23, 2014
Charlsey Graham, '15 Senior interns with the Global Health Initiative
Senior’s interest in HIV/AIDS leads to global health internship
Q3Third piece of Q-camp Process helps seniors fine-tune networking skills on the golf course
In September The Robins School of Business held the first annual Q3, the culminating program in the Q-camp Process, tailored to senior business students on the job hunt.
Life in RouenRichmond MBA student spends semester in France attending NEOMA Business School
Rae Kennedy, GB ’15, writes a blog post about her time abroad at NEOMA Business School in Rouen, France.
The Richmond MBA and Initiatives of Change Richmond MBA student helps foster change at nonprofit organization
Cynthia Cecil, GB ’14, uses her Capstone Project as a chance to work with Initiatives of Change, a global nonprofit organization that focuses on community trust building, reconciliation and dialogue.
Opening Residency 2014New cohort of MBA students comes together for the 2014 Opening Residency
In August MBA students came together for the 2014 Opening Residency during which they completed their first project in The Richmond MBA, a case with McKesson Medical-Surgical.