Feature Stories

May 24, 2011
Life on the JamesStudents explore the city's roots along the James River
In Geography of the James River Watershed, Todd Lookingbill is giving students a firsthand look at how the river impacts Richmond residents.
Jimmy Nickerson, C'12On the fast track to law school for the young and ambitious
Entering the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies at age 19 is by no means typical. Then again, Jimmy Nickerson has already proven to many that his academic and professional passions are far from typical.
Moore InternationalProfessor creates new living-learning community for first-year women
Building on the University's strengths in international studies and living-learning programs, Dr. Lidia Radi created a new program for first-year women that pairs the study of women in historical texts with the development of leadership skills for today's world.
May 23, 2011
Entrepreneurship ClubStudent organization coordinates events and meetings centered around innovative thinking and the exchange of ideas
One of the group’s signature events, the Business Pitch Competition, took place on campus this month in the Robins School of Business
May 22, 2011
Suzie Barone '13Q Camp and a marketing internship during her sophomore year lead to a dream summer position with a pharmaceutical advertising agency
Business student to gain real-world experience in marketing through summer internship with Centron
Maxence Decarre Full-year international student reflects on his time at the University and encourages his peers to get involved on campus
The Robins School of Business provides outlet for international student to pursue interests through the Business Pitch competition and a teaching assistant opportunity.
Jason Mathew '13Sophomore student concentrating in marketing is awarded the Richmond Chapter of the American Marketing Association's Robert R. Barber Endowment Fund Scholarship
Being proactive and utilizing resources like the Career Development Center help business major find his desired career field and land two internships all before his junior year.
May 16, 2011
Going ProUR golf graduates vie for a spot on the LPGA Tour
Christina Gray and Jillian Fraccola spent the last four years as teammates on the UR women’s golf team. Now they’re looking to each other for support as they try to join the LPGA Tour.
Commencement AddressHDTV innovator spoke to UR's class of 2011
Curtis Carlson, a leader in developing high-definition TV standards, emphasized the importance of innovation and support from friends and family in his speech at the University’s main commencement ceremony.
Cliff Gamble, C'12Teacher Licensure Program enables career shift from accounting to teaching
Cliff Gamble, C'12, plans to use his Certificate in Teacher Licensure Preparation to make the transition from the corporate world to the classroom as a secondary English teacher.