Prof. Chiara Giorgetti is among the 60 new members recently elected to the American Law Institute (ALI), a prestigious organization dedicated to producing scholarly works to improve the law. ALI was founded in 1923 with the mission "to promote the clarification and simplification of the law and its better adaptation to social needs, to secure the better administration of justice, and to encourage and carry on scholarly and scientific legal work."
Giorgetti teaches and writes in the areas of public international law, international arbitration, international dispute resolution, and state failure and fragility. She joins fellow Richmond Law colleagues Hank Chambers, David Epstein, David Frisch, Corinna Lain, Dan Murphy, and Carl Tobias in ALI membership.
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Associate Professor of Law
Faculty Director, LL.M. Program
Public International Law
International Arbitration
International Dispute Resolution
International Courts and Tribunals
State Failure and Fragility