March 5, 2010
Andy Newcomb

From the Dean

Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I’ve spent time these past two weeks watching the world’s best athletes compete in the twenty-first Winter Olympic Games.

This event always seems to make the world feel smaller, and advances in technology only heighten this effect. Now, instead of waiting to catch a glimpse of your favorite speed skater or alpine skier during a 90 second race once every four years, you can follow the action live online, read about them in their hometown newspapers or even follow them on Twitter!

We’ve brought these and other technologies into our classrooms, allowing our students to connect with and learn from experts halfway around the world. Last semester an environmental studies class collaborated with Wildlife Conservation Society officials in Afghanistan to create the country’s endangered species list. The students often attended class at 5 a.m. to Skype with students and faculty in Kabul.

This fall the 44,000 square foot Carole Weinstein International Center will open its doors. Equipped with a Spatial Analysis Laboratory and Global Studio, the center will house the Office of International Education and enhance collaboration with our colleagues at more than 60 partner institutions around the world.

Technology has given us the ability to communicate to you, our alumni, the latest Arts & Sciences news with the click of a button.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and do the same. You’ll find in the upper left hand corner various modes of communication available to you to connect with us here at the School of Arts & Sciences.


Andy Newcomb,
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
University of Richmond

Alumni News
Joyce Bennett, '07Alumna finds passion "making scholarship useful to the people it's about"
For Joyce Bennett, ’07, a summer spent working at the City of Richmond's Hispanic Liaison Office developed into a senior thesis at Richmond, and started her down a path to an anthropology doctorate at Tulane University.
Liz Lauzon, '09Alumna snags scholarship, role coaching Trojan debate team
When Liz Lauzon, ’09, graduated from the University of Richmond she and her debate partner were ranked 40th in the nation among all two-person debate teams, she had just published an article with her professors and was headed to the University of California on a full scholarship to coach the Trojan debate team.
Alumna Shares Passion for FilmProduction accountant teaches master class on writing for television
Stephanie Whallon, ’98, an acclaimed production accountant in Los Angeles, returned to the University of Richmond in the fall of 2009 to teach a master class to creative writing students on writing for television.
News Around Campus
Silent Auction Benefits HaitiStudents, staff and faculty auction art to raise money for earthquake relief
A silent auction featuring the work of University of Richmond faculty, staff and students held on Feb. 12 raised $4,645 to benefit earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.
Two Richmond professors ponder heroes and why we need them
Two social psychologists launch blog on heroes and start with Tiger Woods.
Woody HoltonHolton's Bancroft Prize-winning biography takes a fresh look at Abigail Adams
In his Bancroft Prize-winning biography, Dr. Woody Holton invites academic and armchair historians alike to take a fresh look at first lady Abigail Adams.
Symposium held in Finland devoted to Richmond philosophy professor's book
A symposium devoted to a book written by University of Richmond Tucker-Boatwright professor of philosophy Gary Shapiro will be held at the University of Jyväskylä in Jyväskylä, Finland on March 17, 2010.
Tanja SofticArt professor draws on life experience to create an ambitious series of work
Artist Tanja Softic's ambitious "Migrant Universe" project draws on her immigrant experience to explore themes of cultural identity and belonging.
Bringing Literature to LifeEnglish professors use Richmond landmarks to teach war literature
English professors Elizabeth Outka and Kevin Pelletier brought literature written about the Civil War and World War I to life, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Researching Innovative Energy SolutionsChemistry professor Carol Parish receives $270k from the Department of Energy
The secret to reducing America’s reliance on foreign oil may be developed right here at the University of Richmond in a lab in the Gottwald Science Center.
Physics professor publishes article in international microscopy journal
University of Richmond physics professor Matt Trawick will publish an article in Ultramicroscopy, an international microscopy journal.
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