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The Jepson Update

December 14, 2010

Sandra J. PeartFrom the Dean

It has been a truly outstanding fall at the Jepson School. We welcomed 76 new students from the class of 2013 into the School at Prelude in November. Dr. Joshua Walker, '03, the School's first alumnus to return as a professor, delivered the keynote address and encouraged students to take advantage of unique learning opportunities at Jepson.

Some of those opportunities this semester included field trips, such as the one to Gettysburg led by Dr. George (Al) Goethals and Gen. John Mountcastle, unique courses such as Dr. Tom Wren's Judicial Leadership that gave first-year students an opportunity to participate in a few mock trials, and Dr. Hickman's Theories and Models of Leadership class that invited alumni to share their insights and advice.

The Jepson Leadership Forum, the Kaleidoscope series, and the Marshall Center Lecture Series all hosted terrific speakers and scholars such as John Milton Cooper, Cleve Jones, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jack Rakove. And the Jepson School hosted the Mid-Atlantic Ethics bowl for the second year in a row.

In another first, we held a tailgate on campus last month for alumni, students, and faculty to connect. As the semester comes to a close, I am especially grateful for the dedicated faculty, staff, students, and alumni who work to make the Jepson School so successful.

Best wishes,

Sandra J. Peart
Dean, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

News and Events
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Sports and LeadershipFirst-year seminar scores points for examining deeper issues of cultural pastime
Sports, Leadership, and Social Justice, one of 30 new first-year seminars offered this fall, is examining complex cultural issues through the lens of sports. The topics aren't all fun and games, but students agree the class is a win-win.
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As a chief operating officer at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, David Shimp, ’01, draws on the concepts he learned as a leadership studies major to “help shape the quality of care and the way that care is delivered for an entire community and region.”
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