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May 27, 2014

Osher logoThe Osher Insider is a newsletter intended to share information, to foster a sense of community, to enhance recruitment and to expand leadership and involvement in the Osher programs at the University of Richmond. It is published in May, September and January.

The newsletter belongs to all Osher members and therefore all are encouraged to participate by suggesting article topics, by authoring articles (we would love your stories about favorite Osher experiences!) and by offering suggestions for improvement.

We are most grateful for the help and support of the SPCS Marketing staff in publishing the newsletter online.

The Osher editors welcome your input. Please feel free to contact us.

Executive Editor


Contributing Writers for This Edition

  • Beth Cuthbert
  • Sheryl DeLeo
  • Anne Huffstetler
  • Mike Koch
  • Anita Kosakewicz
  • George Pangburn


  • Tim Hanger
  • Mike Koch
  • Vivian Marcoccio
  • Sheryl Smith
Osher Staff Update
New Osher DirectorPeggy Watson named new director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Richmond

I met the new Osher Director Peggy Watson in her first week on the job. She said coming to University of Richmond is like coming home again, because she’s a graduate of Westhampton College.

Leadership Council & Teams Update
Osher Leadership Council 2014What is the Osher Leadership Council, and what does it do?

The Osher Leadership Council, drawn from Osher members, provides advice and information to the director of the Osher Institute.

Needed: Osher AmbassadorsOsher Institute marketing team update

Spreading the word about the marvelous opportunities available through Osher and recruiting new members is the mission of the Osher Institute’s marketing team.

Creative Corner
History of Music series returnsSheryl Smith's popular history of music series to be reprised in fall 2014

Sheryl Smith’s “History of Music” series was so popular that Osher will offer a reprise in fall, 2014. It’s easy to understand why, since Sheryl’s enthusiasm for music, from Gregorian chant to John Cage, is infectious.

Members on the Go
Civic Engagement Interest GroupCivic engagement group focuses on raising grandkids and helping kids make informed career choices

The Civic Engagement Interest Group was started last fall to provide Osher members opportunities to enhance their service activities. 

Did You Know?
UR's Center for Culinary ArtsDid you know Richmond's Center for Culinary Arts got its start in the late 1990s?

So, do you like to cook? Or how about bake? Maybe you just enjoy watching the Food Channel or the Cooking Channel. If so, you might just be interested in one of the University of Richmond’s gems — the Center for Culinary Arts located in the Gayton Crossing Shopping Center.

Insider Information
Interview with Dr. Edward AyersDiscussing lifelong learning with the University of Richmond's president

On a beautiful spring morning in early April, I sat down with Dr. Edward Ayers, president of the University of Richmond, in his Maryland Hall office to discuss his thoughts about the Osher program at UR and lifelong learning in general.

Behind the Scenes at UR
Virginia Baptist Historical SocietyLittle-known gem, the Virginia Baptist Historical Society has been housed on campus since 1876

Tucked behind the Boatwright Library is the Virginia Baptist Historical Society. The Society is probably better known outside of the University of Richmond community, even though it has been on campus since 1876.

Where's Tim?
Better than 'Where's Waldo'Identify 'Where's Tim?' and win a prize!

If you’ve seen Tim Hanger’s wonderful photos, either in the Osher Insider or as a member of the Osher hikers, you know he is all over campus — taking classes, exercising, and taking pictures for the Osher office as well as for our e-newsletter.

Osher Trip to Paris - March 2014