University of Richmond

Davis United World College Scholars Program awards University of Richmond a $1 million gift

October 8, 2007

Davis United World College Scholars Program, a philanthropic organization that promotes international understanding on American campuses, has awarded the University of Richmond an unsolicited contribution of $1 million.

The program provides scholarship support for students from around the world to study at more than 75 American colleges and universities. The unexpected $1 million gift recognizes Richmond¿s high level of involvement and is in addition to the program¿s annual commitment to the university.

Currently, Richmond supports 25 international students each year as part of the Davis program.

In a letter to Richmond President Edward L. Ayers, Davis United World Colleges praised the university's work as a partner and included a check for $1 million. Ayers, a strong advocate of international education, said he was thrilled by the contribution.

"This generous and unexpected gift validates Richmond's commitment to international education", Ayers said. "When top students from abroad come to our campus, everyone benefits, our American students no less than our visiting students."

Newsweek magazine recently named Richmond as the hottest college in the nation for international studies in its annual college guide. Currently, international students represent more than 70 countries on Richmond's campus. Betsy Curtler, the university's assistant vice president for foundation, corporate and government relations, said that Davis United World College students not only excel academically, but also "become deeply involved in a wide range of academic and social activities with other Richmond students."

The Davis United World Colleges Scholars Program is underwritten by Gale and Shelby M.C. Davis, whose support of the program makes them America's largest donors to international education.