Expert Insights

University of Richmond faculty and staff are experts in their fields of study and chosen careers. Our experts have longstanding and ongoing research and expertise that adds perspective to the news of the day on a wide range of topics. The insights below include faculty-authored columns and research-based articles, as well as comments about headline news.

Recent Expert Insights

December 5, 2022
Why does money exist?
M. Saif Mehkari, associate professor of economics, authored this piece.
November 18, 2022
The Conversation
Why do frozen turkeys explode when deep-fried?
Just in time for Thanksgiving, chemistry professor Kristine Nolin explains the science behind the dangers of putting even a partially frozen turkey in a deep-fryer.
molecule illustration
July 11, 2022
What do molecules look like?

A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together. Molecules make up nearly everything around you – your skin, your chair, even your food.

January 1, 2022
The Conversation
Resolutions that stick
Health psychology professor Camilla Nonterah explains what successful New Year's resolutions have in common.


May 3, 2021
The Conversation
Why your mom may be the mother of all heroes
Just in time for Mother's Day, psychology professor Scott Allison, a leading expert on heroes, explains how mothers are masters at helping their children meet the full range of human needs.