Dr. Allison M.N. Archer
Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

Dr. Allison Archer is a political scientist with specializations in political communication, political psychology, and experimental methods. As a former journalist, she is largely interested in questions that are related to the media and politics.

Her current work examines the conditions that promote political information seeking. In particular, she studies how advantage and disadvantage derived from elections affect news consumption using local partisan newspaper circulations, original experimental data, and survey data.

Dr. Archer is also interested in questions related to gender, politics, and leadership. She has studied the effectiveness of gender-based appeals used in presidential campaign ads and is currently examining the ways in which gendered language affects expectations regarding who should hold and succeed in leadership positions.

Dr. Archer teaches Introduction to Leadership and the Social Sciences in the Jepson School.

Grants and Fellowships
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2013–17
Selected Publications

Archer, Allison M.N. 2018. “Political Advantage, Disadvantage, and the Demand for Partisan News." The Journal of Politics 80(3): 845–859.

Archer, Allison M.N. and Joshua D. Clinton. 2018. “Changing Owners, Changing Content: Does Who Owns the News Matter for the News?” Political Communication 35(3): 353–370.

Kam, Cindy D., Allison M.N. Archer, and John G. Geer. 2017. “Courting the Women’s Vote: The Emotional, Cognitive, and Persuasive Effects of Gender-Based Appeals in Campaign Advertisements.” Political Behavior 39(1): 51-75. 

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 2017
Political Science
M.A., Vanderbilt University 2015
Political Science
B.A., Emory University 2009
Political Science and Journalism
Contact Information
(804) 287-6891
(804) 287-6062 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Political Psychology
Political Communication
Mass Media
Public Opinion
Experimental Methods