Holiday Job Hunting

Becca Shelton

Career consultant Becca Shelton says not to wait if your New Year’s resolution is to find a new job. Shelton offers advice on how to best job hunt over the holidays, noting it is a great time to renew connections with former co-workers, supervisors and alumni from your alma mater.

"Hiring doesn’t take a holiday, and neither should you if you’re on the hunt! The holiday season is a great time to network at events, reconnect with your contacts and reflect on your goals in the coming year. There is no shortage of parties and cocktail hours this time of year, and those are great opportunities to get to know new people and professionals. Come ready with business cards and make sure to follow-up with those you meet.

Reconnecting with past colleagues and friends is not only a wonderful way to end your year, but a great way to rejuvenate relationships. Use LinkedIn to find them and offer to grab coffee and catch up.

With all of the festivities, this time of year can also bring stress with the hectic pace of things. Don’t forget to take time to relax and reflect, lift your spirits with activities that fuel your soul. Visit with friends or family, or volunteer locally. Relax and restore yourself so you start the new year off on the right foot."

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