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University of Richmond Experts on The Academic Minute

National Higher Ed Radio Program Features UR Faculty

The Academic Minute is a national radio program dedicated to highlighting scholarly research for a general audience.

The program features a different professor each weekday reading a short, general interest essay about their research. In addition to being broadcast widely on radio stations around the country, each segment is posted daily on Inside Higher Ed.

Oct. 7-11, 2019  was University of Richmond week on the program. The week of April 20-24, 2020 was the Jepson School of Leadership Studies week. UR faculty also occassionally appear on a daily segment. 

The Academic Minute draws experts from top colleges and universities from across the country. UR's featured faculty are highlighted below.

Mothers As Heroes

Scott Allison headshot

Scott Allison, professor of psychology, is an expert on the heroes journey.

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Shareholders and Stakeholders

Doug Bosse headshot

Doug Bosse, professor of management, specializes in stakeholder relationships.

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How Many People Are Enslaved Today?

Monti Datta headshotMonti Datta, a professor of political science, is an expert on human rights & modern day slavery.

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Political Conflict & American Mathematics

Della Dumbaugh headshot

Della Dumbaugh, professor of mathematics, specializes in the history of mathematics.

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Charismatic Leaders

Jessica Flanigan headshot

Jessica Flanigan, associate professor of leadership studies, discusses the problem with charismatic leaders.

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Segregation and the Suburbs

Hayter headshot

Julian Hayter, associate professor of leadership studies, specializes in modern African American history.

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Threats to National Parks

Steve Nash headshot

Steve Nash, senior visiting research scholar, in an environmental journalist and expert on climate change and national parks.

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Healthy Behavior Changes

Camilla Nonterah headshot

Camilla Nonterah, a professor of health psychology, explores the factors that affect behavior change.

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The Founding Fathers

Ken Ruscio headshot

Kenneth P. Ruscio, a distinguished lecturer in Jepson, explores the intentions of the Founding Fathers.

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Moon Landings

Jack Singal headshot

Jack Singal, a physics professor and self-described "space history nerd," reflects on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

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Unexpected Benefits of School Rezoning

Tom Shields headshot

Tom Shields, associate professor of education and leadership studies, explores the benefits of school integration.

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