Catherine Epps, GB’07, joined Dominion Power upon graduation from the Richmond MBA four years ago and was recently promoted for the second time.  In her new role as supervisor of Fleet Systems and Specifications, Epps oversees the entire fleet systems and specifications team in Richmond.  The team has responsibility for acquisition, financing, and disposition of a fleet of 5,300 vehicles.  As Epps describes it, “The team that I supervise is responsible for the life cycle of the Dominion Virginia Power fleet of vehicles.”

Epps began her career at Dominion Power as a business systems analyst, a role in which she concentrated in information technology while also supporting human resources.  A little more than a year after being hired, Epps was promoted to senior business systems analyst of the same team and served in that capacity until assuming her most recent position. 

Epps’ decision to accept a position with Dominion four years ago was fueled by her strong sense that the company is committed to the growth and development of its employees. 

“Ultimately, I decided to join Dominion because I felt that it was a company where I could potentially apply both technical and business skills I had gained,” Epps said. “Also, because of the size of Dominion, I felt there would be many opportunities for growth and movement within the company.”

After completing her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University, Epps worked in the corporate world for a couple of years before joining The Richmond MBA as a full-time student. 

“I decided to get an MBA because of my desire to understand how companies work,” she said. “I have always been fascinated by the idea that multiple pieces and parts can come together to make a company function.”

A typical day for Epps might include meetings to discuss outstanding requests for proposals, helping lead a committee to review vehicle modifications, or identifying ways to develop, support, and grow her team.

In fact, Epps’ team is one of the aspects that she loves most about her position.  “The things I most enjoy are the people, the learning, and the positive results that come from a job well done,” she said.

“Given that so much time is spent at work, the fact that I interact with a talented, personable group of people makes the work day productive and fun.”

As far as enriching her own talent, Epps did not retire her role as a student when she graduated from University of Richmond.  She continues to learn about the Dominion fleet and associated support processes, as well as other departments. “There are always opportunities and resources available for learning,” she shared.

Those new resources do not replace the capabilities she developed as an MBA student at Richmond, however. 

“The Richmond MBA has helped to provide me with invaluable resources. The things I learned while earning my MBA degree are part of a knowledge bank I draw upon. I routinely reflect on the information when I find myself in challenging situations.”