By Jane Dowrick, Director (Photos by Tim Hanger)

By the time you read this it will be winter and we will be launching our spring 2012 schedule of Osher classes and programs. As I write this column we are heading into the season of Thanksgiving and my thoughts are on the many things about the Osher Institute for which I’m thankful.

Our Osher students are our greatest treasure. Nearly 550 of you at this writing have taken part in some aspect of the Osher Institute over the past year. Your curiosity seems endless, and your enthusiasm for learning and for our community of learners is infectious. You are always smiling and you love to laugh. You are great listeners and tremendous fun to engage with in thought-provoking discussions. Collectively, you care about so many important things and are doing so much in the greater community to make it a better place.

You inspire me! I’d always rather be talking and laughing with you than doing most anything else. You probably have no idea how much all of you contribute to the success of the Osher Institute—the many fascinating ideas that you have for Osher classes, the willingness of so many of you to lead Osher classes, and your help in a myriad of other ways, including writing and editing this e-newsletter.

I’m also grateful for our stunningly beautiful campus and the generosity of UR and the School of Professional & Continuing Studies to host us so graciously. I look forward to this next season of learning with you!