There are some that come through our doors, unsure of their career path, looking to explore their interests. Then, there are those that have known since they were 10-years-old exactly what they wanted, like Kevin Walsh, '11.

A self-proclaimed “absolute nerd for baseball statistics and baseball in general,” Walsh wrote of wanting to be the Director of Player Personnel for the Texas Rangers when he was just a boy. Since then, he has steadfastly moved towards his goal, aspiring to work in baseball operations.

Although Walsh was born outside of Dallas, Texas, he spent his formative years in Park City, Utah. When considering where to go to college, Walsh visited the University of Richmond campus in the summer of 2005. “I loved the University of Richmond from the second I first visited campus,” he said. “I felt at home immediately and knew where I wanted to attend.”

Once at the University and involved in the Robins School of Business, Walsh found a true appreciation for the leadership and mentoring of the faculty. “I cannot say enough about the teachers who truly helped me the most. I had the privilege of having many teachers multiple times (Dr. Marquardt, Dr. Pollack, and Dr. Ridgway) and was also lucky to have an amazing advisor and teacher in Dr. New,” recalls Walsh. “Everything I learned at the Robins School I put into use in my everyday life,” he said. “The Robins School truly did prepare me to face the challenges of everyday life.”

Some of those challenges came to bear in his recent (highly-coveted) internship with the Boston Red Sox. Walsh has been serving as a Spring Training Coordinator for the team in Fort Myers, Fla., for the past six months. Walsh, along with others, has primarily been assisting the organization with moving the spring training home of the team from Fort Myers to a brand new, $80 million facility in Lee County, Fla. Despite the long hours, Walsh has enjoyed the entire process.

As part of his role, he was also responsible for the manual scoreboard at “JetBlue Park at Fenway South.” Walsh and his work in this role were even featured in The Boston Globe, The (Fort Myers) News-Press, Diehard Magazine, and On top of it all, Walsh and the entire Florida Operations team (17 people total) were named the Boston Red Sox 2012 First Quarter – Employees of the Quarter. Walsh concluded his tenure with the Boston Red Sox assisting with the Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Celebration in Boston, where he coincidentally ran into the Dean of the Robins School, Dr. Nancy Bagranoff.

Walsh now considers himself a “free agent” and is looking for his “next step” in the sports world. “I hope that my next position is an entry-level position in baseball operations that will allow me to combine my passion and knowledge with my skills and will prove my true worth in the baseball world,” said Walsh. In addition, Walsh hopes to one day earn his M.B.A. and become fluent in Spanish, a skill that he says is a crucial asset for his desired career path.

No matter where his life and career take him, Walsh plans to stay connected to the University that has given him so much. He still keeps in touch with professors and fellow teammates from his Ice Hockey Club, and he hopes to continue to connect and contribute to the University and the Robins School.