Expand lifelong learning

Expand lifelong learning

September 1, 2012
Enhance your Osher experience by auditing classes

By George Pangburn

Our Osher Institute classes at UR offer great lifelong learning experiences taught by Osher volunteers, UR faculty and others, but did you know that the University also offers Osher members audit classes given to degree-seeking students? These classes typically meet for 15 weeks beginning at the start of each semester and afford a more traditional academic setting, without the hassle of grades or tests. They allow you the opportunity to explore a topic in more detail than most Osher classes and to interact with young students offering different viewpoints. Auditing classes also gives you the opportunity to enrich the learning experiences of others. Consider some of the following comments from those who have been involved in auditing classes at UR.

From an Osher member

“Yes we have audited several classes. All have been excellent. Examples are: (1) Renaissance Art, (2) Banned Books, (3) Edgar Allen Poe, (4) The American Short Story. They are university-level courses in depth taught either by faculty or visiting experts in the field. Since you are in class with UR students taking the courses for credit, the professors want mature participation from Osher auditors so the other students can profit from our knowledge and experience. By the end of each course, it was not clear who provided more.”

From several credit class instructors

“It is good for the students to see the non-traditional student who is interested in inquiry for inquiry’s sake.”

“[The Osher students] seriously remind me why I love teaching in the first place.”

“Happy to have our Osher friends join us – they always enrich the experience for my students.”

And from a degree-seeking student in class with Osher students

"I wanted to reiterate [the instructor's] appreciative comments to the Osher folks in the class. Having an opportunity to live certain moments in American history through your own experience was simply amazing. You have no idea how much value and perspective you added to each lesson."

So when you’re looking at the Osher program for next semester, you may want to think about enriching your experience—and those of others—by taking one or more of the classes available for auditing. Specific instructions about how to sign up for an auditable class are contained in each semester’s Osher schedule.