Each semester, the MBA program is fortunate to have an exchange student from University of Deusto, one of the Robins School's top international partner schools located in San Sebastian, Spain.  In January, Koldo Gutierrez-Boada arrived at the University of Richmond, where he is currently living on campus as a full-time MBA student.  Koldo is truly an international student who is very well traveled.  He studied in France two years ago and has moved four times in the last two years. Positive recommendations from his university advisor and former exchange students who also studied at UR, helped guide his decision in selecting Richmond for the next stop on his journey.  While here, Koldo also relayed, "I hope to take advantage of all the historical relevance of Richmond."
As an international student, Koldo noted, "Creating meaningful relationships is difficult, just because they have a certain end."  However he has found American people to be very friendly and kind, saying, "I feel myself quite fortunate because of the many new relationships I have made here already. Moreover, I really feel my colleagues support me when language difficulties appear, something that I want to thank them for."  
In comparing the two learning environments of University of Deusto and University of Richmond, Koldo has noted a few key differences. From the student perspective he states, "At UR, work is expected to be more of a personal matter, while at University of Deusto, work is done mainly in work teams, with an opportunity to individually fix concepts." In regards to teaching, he noted that the UR professors are very supportive of student thoughts in classroom discussions. At times, he suggested that teachers may want to consider providing more critical feedback, to help students realize their weaknesses.  
His major is Business Strategic Management and he says his studies at the Robins School are "helping me to discover what drives me, as well as what is going to drive us in the future." Koldo's primary interest while here, is to learn how to effectively communicate with people in a way that satisfies both parties.  Therefore, it would make sense that his favorite classes at UR focus on psychology in communications as well as new technologies.
Koldo also brings a diverse and international work background to complement his academics. His work experience includes Disneyland in Paris where he had an opportunity to perfect his French, legal office work with one of the top law firms in Europe and Latin America and finally he enjoyed consultancy work with Ikei, an international consultancy firm in Spain while continuing his graduate work.