By Linda Bourgeois (Photo by Tim Hanger)

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, said Aristotle. This well-known phrase accurately describes the Leadership Council and project teams at the University of Richmond’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. The educational and social program designed for adults 50 and better would not be possible without the generosity and contributions of the volunteer members that comprise the Council and teams and committees that bring classes, activities, community projects and special events to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and its membership.

As the Institute looks ahead to its tenth year at the University of Richmond in 2014, it is only fitting to recognize and applaud these special volunteers.

Curriculum Team

“Generating ideas and assessing the quality of classes and presentations by reviewing feedback from Osher class participants.”

  • Jamie Lou Hawthorne, Chair
  • Dan Begley
  • Bruce Birdsey
  • Polly Brickman
  • Sheryl De Leo
  • Carole Hubbard
  • George Pangburn
  • Pam Pangburn
  • Kent Skidmore
  • Don Warner

Membership Team

“Spreading the word through new member orientations about Osher’s Lifelong Learning Institute’s enriching resources and educating those interested about the rewards of membership to 50 and better audiences.”

  • Ann Williams, Chair
  • Ros Anderson
  • Bruce Birdsey
  • Marianne Booberg
  • Tanya Dolphin
  • Rita Earl
  • Marshall Ervine
  • Jamie Lou Hawthorne
  • Carol Jarett
  • Carol Matuschek
  • Sarah McMahon
  • Joyce McNeil
  • Linda Vick
  • Sally Wood
Marketing Team

“Increasing awareness of Osher’s fun, fellowship, benefits, and programs through messaging, events, and a speakers bureau is what our Marketing Team loves to do!”

  • Carl Booberg
  • Linda Bourgeois
  • Marshall Ervine
  • Anne Huffstetler
  • Linda Turner
Development Team

“Conducting fundraising activities which continue to provide excellent lifelong learning opportunities, at a reasonable cost, for our members.”

  • Carl Booberg, Chair
  • Marshall Ervine
  • Carol Jarrett
  • Janet Murray
Leadership Council

“Providing advice, guidance and collaboration to the Osher Institute Director, this non-policy making group serves on and chairs various Osher teams keeping all groups working together.”

  • Ann Williams, Chair
  • Sheryl De Leo, Vice Chair
  • Carl Booberg, Past Chair
  • Bill Bailey
  • Bill Bateman
  • Marshall Ervine
  • Jamie Lou Hawthorne
  • Anne Huffstetler
  • Lin Koch

Leader Support

“Conducting ‘Taking Your Passion for Learning to the Next Level’ workshops each semester, this team helps current and prospective Osher course leaders develop their course ideas into workable class curriculums while providing technical AV assistance during class.”

  • Bill Bailey, Chair
  • Bill Bateman
  • Larry Kidd
  • Pam Pangburn
  • Tim Williams