By Anne Huffstetler (Photo by Tim Hanger)

If you’ve seen Tim Hanger’s wonderful photos, either in the Osher Insider or as a member of the Osher hikers, you know that he is all over campus—taking classes, exercising, and taking pictures for the Osher office as well as for our e-newsletter.

We challenge you to figure out where Tim took this issue’s picture. The only clue to be given is that it is of something unusual or an out-of-the-way spot on UR’s campus. The person to guess correctly wins a free meal at the Heilman Dining Center. Give it a try!

To win, email Jane Dowrick at

Answer to Previous Episode

The January “Where’s Tim” photo (of Tim standing with Spiderman) was guessed by Charlie Huffstetler. Spiderman is located on the first floor of the Center for Recreation and Wellness. Check him out sometime!