For many students, it can be a challenge to combine their various passions with what they are learning in the classroom. However, Roxanne Henningson ’14, a business administration major, was able to combine her marketing concentration with her strong interest in fashion through an internship with Etro, an Italian luxury fashion company over the summer. Henningson worked in the public relations department of Etro’s New York City show room.

Prior to working with ETRO, Henningson gained fashion experience through an internship at wholesale jewelry company, Calypso Studios Inc., for which she applied via SpiderConnect.
“It was a great learning experience for me to see how this side of the fashion industry operates and to gain valuable experience throughout the school year,” said Henningson.

All of her knowledge about the fashion industry was put to good use at Etro. She had many responsibilities: from keeping track of samples and organizing the show room to gathering garments to send to major fashion publications. The greatest part of this internship, says Henningson, was  being able to see her contributions as an intern make an impact. The most exciting example of this was seeing Katy Perry wearing a pair of shoes from Etro that she delivered to Perry’s hotel.

 “Seeing Katy Perry wearing the shoes in the event coverage was really exciting and I realized all of the work the department had done to get the garments to her had paid off.”

Henningson says this helped her understand the importance of public relations and how her department was responsible for shaping the way the public views different fashion brands and trends.

Henningson attributes much of her success to utilizing resources in the Office of Alumni and Career Services, as well as obtaining a UR Summer Fellowship that made the experience financially feasible.

“From resume tips, to networking advice, and guidance for finding an internship, Career Services has been a vital part of my college experience,” she said.

Having an internship that allowed for creative growth, yet still part of a fast paced business environment, solidified Henningson’s desire to work in the industry.

“The University of Richmond has allowed me to understand that I can connect my interests and passions into a viable career path and has provided me with the necessary skills to help make this happen,” she concluded.