Written by Anne Huffstetler

Imagine you’ve just finished a good book, been captivated by a play, seen a great movie, hiked a beautiful trail, or found a noteworthy restaurant. Whenever we’re excited about a new discovery, it’s likely we want to share the experience and encourage our friends and acquaintances to read that book, see that play or movie, hike along with us, or join us for a wonderful meal. Similarly, spreading the word about the marvelous opportunities available through Osher and recruiting new members is the mission of the Osher Institute’s marketing team. If you value your Osher experience, won’t you join us by becoming an “Osher ambassador” as you go about your everyday life? 

In addition to telling friends and family about an Osher class or activity that really grabbed you, there are other simple ways you can help “get the word out.” For example, I recently met a woman newly retired and new to Richmond. When she mentioned she was floundering a bit, I pulled an Osher class catalog from the back of my car and suggested she take it and browse through it.

The women’s club in my community has a guest speaker at their monthly meetings and so, through the Osher office, I arranged to have an Osher member speak to this club. My close neighbors are primarily people better than 50, as is my book group. When a new class catalog is released, you can find me handing out a few at our social gatherings and book discussions. Do you belong to clubs, groups, organizations that would welcome your Osher endorsement?

The formal Osher marketing team, or committee, currently has four avenues of marketing with membership recruitment as its primary goal. They include hosting information tables at campus events, hosting information tables at community events, such as festivals and summer farmers’ markets, distributing class catalogs each semester to libraries, doctors’ offices, senior centers, fitness centers... wherever life takes us! Finally, a speakers’ bureau is in place, ready to introduce the Osher Institute to clubs, and community organizations, and business groups. 

As the team leader, I am grateful for the participation of the following team members:

  • Bev Beck
  • Linda Bourgeois
  • Mary Curotto
  • Tim Hanger
  • Donna Knicely
  • Nancy Moser
  • Pam Pangburn
  • Bill Pawelski
  • Lee Ann Pickering
  • Suzanne Shell
  • Nanette Whit
  • Tish Willis

Please consider being an “Osher ambassador” wherever your life takes you!