Article by George Pangburn

Membership in the Osher Institute at UR carries with it a wide range of benefits, from attending events at the Modlin Center, using the Boatwright Library, receiving discounts at the UR Bookstore, and enjoying the beautiful UR campus. Yet another benefit that is attractive to a great number of our members are our Osher Interest Groups. From inception of the Osher program more than a decade ago, individuals with interests beyond the classroom have gotten together with like-minded individuals on a regular basis. We now have a total of seven groups:

In the membership survey taken last year to support the Strategic Plan, nearly half of our respondents indicated that they were members of an interest group. And we received more than 40 suggestions regarding additional interest groups, one of which (Travel) is coming together. The Theatre Lovers group began this year and is the subject of a separate Insider article this month. In the future, we plan to highlight the activities of at least one group in each edition of the Insider as a means of improving awareness and encouraging greater involvement.