"Excellent session; hands on and practical application to real business needs for planning and execution." - Small Business Owner, Project Management Course

"Best class I have taken during my professional career." - Associate Director, Healthcare Industry, Leading Performance Course

 “The Mini MBA program has given me immediate competitive advantage in the workplace. The content that is being covered is not only relevant to me in my job, but also assisted me in deciding to leave my current employer for a new venture just last week.” - Manager, Construction Services

"The instructor has a great personality and sense of humor that helps facilitate the discussions amongst everyone." - Senior Associate, Engineering, Strategic Thinking Course

"This workshop was great, engaging and delivered a good message for continued growth." - Chief Engineer, Engineering Industry, Effective Influencing Skills Course

“This training was over the top, fabulous. I learned so much.” - Participant, Train-the-Trainer

"My time in the Mini MBA program is equipping me with the knowledge I need to help my clients with high-level issues, such as overall marketing strategy, ROI calculations and the appropriate budgeting for desired growth. I've left every class with a desire to learn more on my own.” - Account Coordinator, Marketing Industry