Is Netflix and pizza the key to work-life balance? As an MBA student, newlywed and senior FP&A analyst at Genworth Financial, Jordan Freking says planning time away from school gives her the chance to recharge. 

Freking grew up just north of Atlanta, Ga. and received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina. This southern native found her way to Richmond as part of the Finance Development Program with Genworth Financial. Over the two-year program, she rotated through four different roles. Since then, she has worked in the tax department as a federal tax analyst and now as the senior FP&A analyst for the department. 

It seemed like her career was moving forward, but Jordan saw the value in The Richmond MBA. “I decided to get an MBA as a way to diversify myself and break out of the tax world. I hope to take what I learn and move beyond tax into a more senior leadership role in finance,” she says of her decision.

Then the balancing act began! She found herself planning a wedding, attending classes and completing coursework all while working full-time. “The biggest thing for me is having good time management skills and a good day planner. Without my planner I would be completely lost,” she said.

Freking may have to plan her Netflix and pizza dates ahead of time, but this has allowed her to balance school, work and her social life. Making sure she allows time to work out regularly and have a date night once a week without discussing work or school. Her husband, a Richmond graduate, recently completed his graduate coursework. He understands exactly how Jordan is juggling all her activities and has been incredibly supportive. They also adopted an adorable Beagle named Jonesie-maybe, to keep her husband company during her busy schedule! 

Jordan and her husband were married in December, just in time for a little holiday break! Being a newlywed has not slowed her involvement as a student. She serves as the secretary for the MBA Women’s Association and completed an International Residency in Verona, Italy this past month. Now that she is no longer planning a wedding, she hopes to increase her connection to the Robins School. 

After a year and a half of classes under her belt, Freking already sees an impact on her career. “The Richmond MBA has already helped me move into new and different projects within my current company.” Jordan explains. “I have found that my co-workers often ask me for help with problems because I can bring a very different perspective than is typical in my department due to my additional experience.” She feels as though the department is more confident in her skills as a leader as well.

Looking back on all she has been able to accomplish in such a short time at work and school, gives her confidence in the future and how much she can handle. Despite the juggling act, Freking is enjoying her time in The Richmond MBA program!