Meet Tim Hanger, Osher Institute member and unofficial Osher photographer.

Hanger, age 67, joined the Osher Institute at the University of Richmond about seven years ago upon his retirement from a career with SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Hanger was employed with SunTrust for more than 35 years, including at United Virginia Bank and Crestar Bank prior to being merged with SunTrust. He was a group vice president in corporate operations with management responsibilities throughout the entire southeast footprint.

When he retired, Hanger joined the Osher Institute in order to take advantage of the time he now had for learning “fun” things.

Hanger offers this reflection on what he appreciates about the Osher Institute: “My favorite part of being involved in Osher is the ability to meet and interact with individuals from varied backgrounds and experiences.”

One way he’s met and interacted with other members — aside from attending many Osher classes — has been getting involved in the Osher Hiking Interest Group.

Hanger also became the unofficial photographer for Osher, contributing photos to print and online publications through the years of his involvement in the Institute.

Hanger reflects that he’s made many friends through the Osher Instititute “that will carry well beyond my Osher activities.”