The Department of Military Science and Leadership's 2008 Ranger Challenge team, led by senior cadet Daniel Fornicola, performed well in all events this year, resulting in the team receiving one first place streamer and three third place streamers. The Spider Battalion team took third place in basic rifle marksmanship, written land navigation, and the Army physical fitness test. The Ranger Challenge team earned first place in the squad tactical exercise lane. 

The Spider Battalion's Ranger Challenge Team trains throughout the year for the competition at Ft. Pickett, Va. They face 17 other ROTC schools in a rigorous two-day competition that tests cadets' stamina and determination. In the weeks leading up to the challenge, team members add three to five additional days of training to their weekly training schedule, focusing on physical fitness and the team ruck march.

The competition includes the following team and individual events: Army physical fitness test (APFT), hand grenade assault course, basic rifle marksmanship (BRM), 10K ruck march, day/night land navigation, and a commander's event.  The department’s faculty are proud of the Ranger Challenge Team, and expect the team to perform exceptionally well in next year's competition under team captain Fred Bryant.