When Mark Errichetti, ’18, was searching for internships, he never dreamed it would lead him to attend the PGA Championship and the U.S. Open.

“I learned to work hard and that every day you have to show up and prove to people you can work hard and be a valuable asset,” Errichetti said.

The Robins senior from Greenwich, Conn., applied to the Vineyard Vines internship program, and was awarded an internship in the summer of 2017 at the company’s headquarters in Stamford.

“It was a great culture,” Errichetti said. “All of the employees become friends. There are ping pong and pool tables, a gym; the leadership envisions making it a cool place to work.”

Errichetti worked in the Vineyard Vines golf department, and was invited to go to the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship with a group from the company.

“We were trying to raise awareness of the brand,” Errichetti said. “It was a good learning experience because I had to understand quickly who the market demographic was and how to target them.”

While there, Errichetti met students and professionals from 47 other companies, and was able to build a strong professional network.

“This was not a typical internship,” Errichetti said, “because I met people from so many different groups instead of just one company.”

He also met professional golfers Russell Knox and Jason Dufner, who are sponsored by Vineyard Vines.

“It was the best experience,” Errichetti said. “I’m so glad I put myself out there, because it paid off and allowed me to go to these amazing tournaments that I wouldn’t have otherwise attended.”

That self-confidence is what drives Errichetti to succeed in the classroom as well according to visiting lecturer Frederick Talbott. 

“Mark shares the positive spirit so many here celebrate. He is continually fascinated, enthusiastic, sharing, encouraging, and celebrating learning and everyone's success,” Talbott said.

Talbott teaches a course in business communication, which Errichetti said has been one of his favorite courses at the Robins School.

“Mark and his class colleagues learn to master professional speaking, writing, listening, interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership, crisis, and conflict management,” Talbott said. “Every topic is shared in a real world manner, emphasizing how each will boost their career success, which is essential during an internship.”

Errichetti also says the emphasis the Robins School puts on group projects helped him succeed during his internship, as their performance was heavily weighted on a group project of their own.

“If you work together over time, it makes it a lot easier,” Errichetti said of what he learned. “If you put in the effort, you’ll feel confident in yourself, and you’ll perform better.”

He plans to use those lessons for the rest of his time at the Robins School, and after graduation.