Haley Preschutti and Kylie Regan, ’18, are leaders on the cross-country team, and in the Robins School.

The two seniors have been running together since their freshman year when they instantly became friends. Now, they are roommates, and two of the top scholar athletes at the University of Richmond.

“It’s nice to have someone who is in the same classes, and has the same drive as you,” said Regan of her friendship with Preschutti.

Regan was recently honored as the University of Richmond’s top overall student athlete, and Preschutti was named the top scholar athlete for the Robins School.

“It’s an honor, it’s very humbling,” Preschutti said of the recognition. “It’s a very rewarding experience, and makes you feel proud to be a student of the business school.”

The two recently attended the annual Scholar Athlete Breakfast, along with faculty members they chose to recognize for their support. Both mentioned Dr. Saif Mehkari.

“Dr. Mehkari made a big difference for me,” Regan said. “He is always rooting for my success, and always pushing me to the next level.”

Mehkari has taught both students in different courses, and attended the event.

“Kylie and Haley are brilliant students,” Dr. Mehkari said. “They are both extremely intelligent, very hardworking, and are among the very best students I have had the opportunity to teach.”

The two share similar resumes. Both are business administration majors, who participate in the Student Managed Investment Fund. They say their common interests help drive them to succeed.

“We work off each other, study together, and we have the same focus on sports as well,” Regan said. “It’s nice to have someone who is also level headed by your side.”

“Our friendship, and my friendships on the cross-country team, became very motivating for me,” Preschutti said. “When you are with your friends, you are all working toward individual and team goals. It is a great environment to be in.”

Preschutti says combining the cross-country team schedule with the demands of a business school education has been difficult, but she has honed her time management skills, which she thinks will give her a leg up in the professional world.

“Being an athlete definitely teaches you focus, mental toughness, and resilience,” Preschutti said. “You cannot throw in the towel when things are getting difficult. When you have long term goals, it’s not a week to week thing. You are working toward that long-term goal every day, and that will translate into success down the line.”

Regan agrees, and says that many other Spider athletes share that commitment to each other, and to their school work.

“Athletes here are very academically focused,” Regan said. “It’s a good time to be able to take a step back and look around at all the hard work we’ve done and be proud of it.”

Though their paths have been similar, Regan and Preschutti are parting ways after graduation. Regan will be working at J.P. Morgan Chase in the global finance and business management program in New York, while Preschutti will be working at Cambridge Associates in Washington D.C. as an investment analyst for nonprofits, foundations, and endowments.

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