Ever wanted to drop everything and take a trip? Or quit your job and spend more time with your family? One Robins School alumnus did just that, and says it’s the best decision he ever made.

“My wife and I decided to go explore. Let’s spend at least a year traveling, bouncing around, and see where we’re supposed to land next. Let’s slow life down a little bit,” Daniel Haverkos, ’01, said.

That was two years ago, and they haven’t looked back.

They do it all with three sons, ages 7, 4, and 2, in a 200-square foot camper.

“Overall, the boys are loving it,” Haverkos said. “We’re homeschooling them and adding new experiences along the way.”

The family has visited 30 national parks in more than ten states, as well as three different countries since they started their journey.

Haverkos started his career in the financial services industry, and ended up owning his own advising company by 2006. 

Then before they had any kids, he and his wife decided to drop everything and join the World Race: an 11 month, 11 country journey.

“We were living out of a backpack, out of a tent, and about $9 per day,” Haverkos said. “It was one of the most incredible experiences being able to really get to know each country’s culture. And we want our kids to experience that same thing on our journey.”

After returning to work in Washington, D.C. for a few years, having his first child and adopting a second, Haverkos said time began to fly by him.

“I felt like my first son was just born, and he was already 5, and it went by like that. And I don’t want another 5 or 10 years to fly by and wake up and go, what happened?” Haverkos said.

At this point, his wife was pregnant with their third son. And Haverkos didn’t want the same thing to happen.

“Once our son was born, and we had our family together, we decided. We were going to pull the plug from D.C., sell the business, and go,” Haverkos said.

They have since visited more than 30 national and state parks in more than 25 states, as well as four different countries.

“As we stop in to a different city or town, we’re trying to connect with our friends and family around the country and the world,” Haverkos said. “It allows you to deepen those relationships in a way you can’t accomplish over the phone.”

You might ask—how can the family afford such an adventure? Haverkos owns a couple of rental properties in Maryland, which pays for their minimal costs.

“We feel very blessed in terms of what we’re trying to do,” Haverkos said. “We’ve found a purpose—to slow things down, to engage with our kids, to be the parents that get to spend time with them every single day.”

The most recent stop on the Haverkos family journey is in Boulder, Colo., visiting family friends. He says they do plan on settling back down by 2020, but who knows where the adventure might take them by then.

You can follow the Haverkos family adventure on their blog.