In the days before The Richmond MBA 2018 Commencement, the alumni society took the opportunity to celebrate current students and alumni with their annual golf tournament. In its 10th year, the tournament connected alumni and students from RVA to network and reflect on another year with a round of golf at the Country Club of Virginia.

“The tournament was a great experience,” said Vince Doherty, GB’01, who formed a team with former classmates and mentees to participate. “I ran into several colleagues that I had not seen in a while and it gave me a chance to catch up with them.”

He said he continues to return to the golf tournament because it gives him the chance to connect with old friends, as well as meet the newest crop of alumni.

“I graduated from the MBA program in 2001 so a lot has changed since I finished,” Doherty said. “One of the best changes, in my opinion, is the emphasis the MBA program has put on hosting various networking events to continue to connect the UR MBA community.”

Timothy Boykin, GB’11, a first-time golfer, says he appreciated the relaxed atmosphere to connect with other alumni. He joined a team with two of his classmates from the program.

“Our team was not serious about our scores, so we had fun and were happy to be out of the office,” Boykin said.

Boykin plans to continue coming back in the future because it was a wonderful opportunity for him to connect with other MBA alumni in the area, which he feels gives him an advantage professionally, and strengthens the program.

“I think it’s another fantastic part of our program,” Boykin said. “Clearly, there is an emphasis on making the participants feel welcome and on having a great time while benefiting the school. I was happy to run into several folks that I was in the program with and to make new connections with other graduates and professors.  I think it’s a great and fun way to stay connected to the school.”

Boykin also said he’ll never forget the event because of the massive downpour of rain and hail toward the end of the day. But, he and Doherty agreed, despite the deluge, they’ll return next year. After the storm, a cocktail party ended the day at the country club, along with a live band to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Randy Raggio, director of The Richmond MBA, says he and the Alumni Society wanted to make this year’s golf tournament a special one by celebrating alumni and giving back to MBA students who need it the most.

“Over the past 10 years, the annual golf tournament has provided alumni and friends the opportunity to reconnect and socialize on some of Virginia’s finest courses and has been an important source of funds for MBA scholarships,” Raggio said.

He emphasized that participating in and donating to the golf tournament gives alumni a special connection to current students as well as scholarship recipients.

“Every MBA scholarship award includes a note indicating that a portion of the funding is provided by MBA alumni, and the golf tournament is an easy and enjoyable way to support the program and its students,” Raggio said. “I am grateful to all the players, sponsors, and especially the hard-working alumni leadership groups who have maintained this successful tradition for ten years.”