Alison Schaffir is currently the social media coordinator for LOFT’s Brand Marketing team at Ann Inc. in New York City. Her office is located in Times Square Tower right in the heart of Times Square.

One of her main duties in this role is community management, which means she spends time responding to customer comments on various social platforms and engaging with them using the company’s voice and tone. Additionally, she focuses on planning and scheduling. Once the campaign images for each month are shot, Alison works closely with the copywriter and designer to plan which pictures they will post each day and the captions. As social media coordinator, she is also responsible for corresponding with many social media influencers to plan collaborations for promotions.

Alison also has some tips for adjusting to life post-graduation in a new city. She joined a co-living community in order to meet new people and explore all that NYC has to offer. The program has helped her transition seamlessly by providing a range of social/cultural events in the city. She highly recommends this program to anyone who is looking to make the big leap to move to NYC post-grad.

“I wish all of my Spiders in marketing the best of luck with their professional endeavors and am here as a resource for anyone in need of guidance or support,” Alison said.