Saul Osorio, '22, Brandon West, '19, Eliza Hancock, '21, and Erin Minck, '20, attended the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference in April.

The executive board of the University of Richmond chapter of the American Marketing Association (URAMA) traveled to New Orleans, La., for the AMA International Collegiate Conference this month, competing in the marketing strategy competition. 

“This was our chapter’s first time at the conference,” Brandon West, ’19, president, URAMA, said. “We didn’t know what to expect, but we ended up being semi-finalists.”

The judges gave him and Erin Minck, ’20, a case which required them to prepare a marketing plan for a high-tech product. They had 20 minutes to prepare a 10-minute presentation. West says landing in the top 15 out of 100 schools helps put the Robins School marketing program on the map.

“I think we were able to grow awareness among the many schools in attendance and show the strength of the Robins School marketing program,” West said.

He and Minck attended with Eliza Hancock, ’21, Saul Osorio, ’22, and Bill Bergman, lecturer in marketing.

Bergman says the students thrive in case competitions like this, because it puts the skills they’ve learned in the classroom to the test.

“Our students are specifically trained to think on their feet and strategize,” Bergman said. “They are professional, poised, and prepared to be in a competitive environment.”

The programs were vibrant and informative, he says, and students took full advantage of the workshops.

“This was such a beneficial experience for us to learn more about the marketing industry, as well as other collegiate AMA chapters across the country,” West said. “We made some great connections, and I know our chapter will continue to grow and succeed because of them.”

URAMA is also closely tied to the professional Richmond chapter of the American Marketing Association this year, as two University of Richmond students recently won scholarships from AMA Richmond.

Youn Hee Oh, ’21, and Keely Wood, ’21, recently received the scholarships at the April AMA Richmond signature speaker series. Wood has been a Ginger Juice cleanse consultant, sales associate, and UR tour guide, while Oh has been a photographer for the Robins School, and is a double major in marketing and visual media arts practices.

“I am thrilled that two spiders won,” Wood said. “It is proof that hard work both inside and outside of the classroom does pay off. UR has given me the skills to prepare me for my summer internship, which focuses on marketing qualitative research as well as my study abroad experience this fall.”

Oh agrees, and says it opened her eyes to the diversity of the marketing degree, and how she can apply it to her passion for fashion and photography.

 “I can display my creative instincts in the business world and this scholarship helped me step my foot into the infinite possibilities within marketing,” Oh said.

West is stepping down as president of URAMA when he graduates, and says he’s proud of the students who have gotten involved with marketing early on, and has high hopes for the future of the URAMA organization.

“After two years as chapter president, I feel confident that under the new chapter president, Erin Minck, and with committed students, our chapter will continue to flourish,” West said.