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  • Hometown: Newport News, Va.
  • Academics: Leadership studies major  with minors in music and Latin American and Iberian Studies
  • Internship: Arts and Business Council of New York/Manhattan New Music Project, 2009
  • Aspiration: "I want to help people in some way and incorporate music into whatever I do."
  • On Campus activities: Special events chair of the Campus Activities Board, University Orchestra assistant concertmaster, UR cheerleader, Umoja Gospel Choir, student admissions representative (tour guide).
  • Interests and passions: music, community involvement, others’ cultures (cultural/multicultural life).

Like many Jepson School graduates, Natalia Sanders is starting out in consulting. She reports in July to Deloitte Consulting LLP in Washington, D.C. Her title will be Federal Analyst in the Department of Strategies and Operations.

With an estimated 45,000 professionals in the United States, Deloitte focuses on serving their clients in four key business areas: audit, financial advisory, tax, and consulting. Sanders will be involved in the consulting area, where she will help the company improve businesses’ strategies.

She also plans to continue her own music business on the side. Sanders is a violinist. In high school, she formed Just Stringing It, which books small music ensembles to play at weddings and other community functions. She hopes to keep that up on weekends while at Deloitte.

How did you find the opportunity?

When I talked to Dean Kerstin Soderlund [the associate dean who advises students on careers] about not knowing what to do, but that my interests were in nonprofits, arts management, marketing and consulting, she offered to forward my resume. I then almost immediately had a phone interview for an hour and then was asked to attend an intense case study interview in D.C just a couple days later. What’s ironic is that I didn’t even consider the consulting field until the end of my first semester of my senior year. I was one of those people who didn’t really know what would be a good fit but now that I have accepted the job I feel confident I will excel in this field.

How did Jepson prepare you for this opportunity?

Jepson has provided me with a variety of different skills sets. As it is interdisciplinary I was taught the importance of critical thinking, relationship building, and interpersonal skills in a real world context. I was also introduced to different theories and models of leadership and the importance of ethics within the workplace. In my Justice and Civil Society class I worked with kids who came from different countries and were of a lower income group helping to teach them English and cope with American norms. From this I learned how to adapt in different situations and the important role that diversity plays in society.

Where do you imagine yourself five years from now?

I am excited that there is a lot of room for growth at Deloitte. We will have to see what happens but if things work out well I could see myself there for a very long time not only launching my career but pursuing and growing in it as well. I am also hoping to pursue graduate school possibly for public policy or business or maybe even law school someday. 

If you had the opportunity to relive any of your experiences at UR would you?

I would relive two experiences. First, graduation. I know that this highlights the end of my college career, but it made me think about how far I have come. It really reminded me of just how much I have grown as a person. Secondly, in 2008, when the football team won the National Championship in Chattanooga, Tenn, as a member of the UR cheerleading team, I was able to experience their success. For the first time in my UR career I really saw an abundance of school spirit and am lucky that I was able to help create and take part in it.