Name: Tyler Kirchoff
Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn.
Academics: Dual Degree in leadership studies and business administration with a concentration in finance
Internship: Boxwood Partners in Richmond, Va.
Career aspiration: I plan on pursuing a career in the financial sector, but I'm not sure exactly what I will end up doing. I could possibly do anything from investment banking to private equity/venture capital, private wealth management, or trading. I feel that taking a broad approach to my finance degree has prepared me for any of these careers, and it will be more about what opportunities are presented for making my decision. Ideally, I would like to end up owning my own business and pursuing a life and career in entrepreneurship.
On Campus activities: Running back for the football team (this Fall will be my redshirt-senior year), Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Interests and passions: I love being active, which goes without saying when it comes to football, but I also enjoy other outdoor activities like fishing or going to the beach.

What drew you to this particular organization?

I ended up taking this internship over other financial internship opportunities because of the fact that there is more interpersonal communication and interaction in the private equity sector. I feel like I will always be able to have a job where I can crunch numbers and would rather try out an internship that would be a good mixture of skills that I've attained in both my business and leadership degrees.

How did you land the internship?

A good friend of mine interned at Boxwood last year, and highly recommended the firm and told me that it would be a great opportunity to learn about this type of business. Also, one of the managing directors is an UR alumnus and also a big fan of our football team, which couldn't have hurt my chances.

What projects are you working on currently?

Right now, we are working on several different projects since we are both a mid-market investment bank as well as a private equity firm.  So, we are investigating opportunities to represent mid-market firms as an investment bank to either help them with a sale or acquisition, or simply with raising capital or restructuring debt. We are also looking for firms to acquire as investments by adding them to our private equity portfolio. So, my day-to-day responsibilities are to find these opportunities, and perform an evaluation of the firms we are looking at to determine if we would be interested in either representing that firm as an investment bank, or investing in them through acquisition into our private equity fund.

Are you finding connections between what you've studied in Jepson classes and what you're learning on the job?

Even though this internship is more geared toward my business degree, I have found that my studies in the Jepson School have helped me significantly. Simply knowing how important interpersonal communication is--between other members of the firm to keep it functioning properly and also between potential clients--and how to recognize and adjust to changing leadership styles are the most important examples.

After the summer's over and you're back on campus what will you have gotten out of the internship experience?

Ideally, I will have gained more knowledge and skills from hands-on experiences in a great firm that will prepare me for my job hunt this fall.