Name: Veronica Seguin, '10
Hometown: Beijing, China
Major: Theatre Arts (Arts Management Concentration)
Minor: Rhetoric & Communications
Activities: University Players, P.R. Chair Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary Vagina Monologues 2009 Director

So tell me about where you’re interning.

I’m a Development and Community Outreach intern at the WaterTower Theatre, which is just north of Dallas. It started as a very small, grassroots theater, with the only performing space being in a cottage under the town’s water tower. The theater produced amazing work and was extremely popular among the community so the town helped subsidize the building of a complex to house the theater.

WaterTower is dedicated to producing a variety of theatrical works both classical and contemporary. It's are also heavily involved in theater education and has a very popular fringe festival called “Out of the Loop” that’s hosted every year to highlight new and exciting local talent. WaterTower is at a really exciting phase right now because they are gearing up to start a capital campaign that will fund the construction of a new, larger complex that will be the new WaterTower Theatre.

How’d you land the gig?

I sent an e-mail to the intern coordinator, who is also the Associate Artistic Director, and inquired about the position. We then had a phone interview and then a few weeks later I flew down for a face-to-face. On paper, the application process looks intimidating but the face-to-face interview was really relaxed. I really connected with the people who interviewed me because it was more about my questions and interest in the theater and what I wanted out of the internship.

What’s an average day like at the WaterTower Theatre?

I get to work about 10 a.m., although most people don’t drift in till a little later. Work has a very relaxed atmosphere: jeans and t-shirts will suffice because you never know what you are going to be doing! The organization is small so there are no “assistants,” just the heads of the respective fields in the administrative office. Everyone pitches in and helps everyone else with what they need to do — if you need someone, just yell for them and chances are they are only a few feet away! Some days, in the afternoon, someone will be designated to go get half-priced drinks at Sonic to keep up our energy for whatever the rest of the day will bring.

Have you seen clear connections between the material you’ve learned in your arts management courses and what you’re seeing in practice on the job?

Absolutely. It’s amazing to me how much I put what I learned in class to work at this job. I feel really confident in doing various tasks because I actually know the terminology, slang and meaning of documents I encounter and what’s being said in the meetings. Because of my experience from class, I have already been able to draft grant proposals, press releases and tax letters.

Are there any perks that come with the job? (Meeting interesting people, free passes to events, bottomless cups of coffee, you name it.)

Almost all of the above. Interns get free tickets to all the shows, plus invitations to opening night receptions and special events. And of course, it’s a theater, so I am constantly around interesting, funny, and extremely creative people…and I am not just talking about the actors. You’d be surprised how multi-dimensional WaterTower’s business manager is!

The summer’s over and you’re back at Richmond. In an ideal world, what will you have gotten out of the internship experience? Where do you see yourself working after you graduate?

I’ve learned that I prefer working more with individual donors and events for fundraising, rather than the black and white world of corporate and foundation sponsorship. I like the challenge and creativity that comes along with dealing with people. Before I graduate, I would like the chance to work at a larger theater center, in order to see how it compares to a more intimate working environment. I want to see which environment is a better fit for me. So far my internship experience has been great and I definitely see myself pursuing a career in theater and arts management.