Why did you pursue a career in law?

During my freshman year in college, I knew that I wanted go to law school. I realized the importance and significance of a law degree and how much our lives are impacted by the law. I also wanted to help people. I think that political science and law are the building blocks of our society. Anytime the government acts, it is through the law. I felt that studying law would be indispensible for whatever I wanted to do, whether it was advocacy, public interest or civil service.

Why did you choose the University of Richmond School of Law?

When I graduated from West Virginia University with a BA in Political Science and a minor in History and Business Administration I decided to go straight through to law school. When I visited I loved the Richmond campus and many of the alumni that I talked to spoke highly of Richmond. I applied to many schools but really wanted to go to Richmond. 

What do you like most about Richmond?

I like that the university is close to the city of Richmond where there are many job opportunities in the legal field. The law school provides networking opportunities where you are able to meet with practicing attorneys in the community. I also like the relatively small size of the classes. The professors are really interested in having students learn and they make the work challenging. The social atmosphere is fun. 

What advice do you have for first year law students?

Don’t be afraid to speak up, especially your first year. Your interpretation is appreciated by the professors and other students and is especially important for your learning experience. Putting effort into a well thought out argument is essential and always remain teachable.

What internships and clerkships have you done?

I have an interest in local government. In the spring of my first year at Richmond Law, I did a clerkship with the Goochland County Attorney’s Office where I worked on condemnation and land use taxation cases along with other state and local government issues. In the fall of my second year, I applied for a clerkship with the City of Richmond Commonwealth Attorney’s office and got the job. I found criminal law satisfying. With my third-year practice certificate, I had the chance to represent a community and had prosecutorial discretion to come up with reasonable penalties for offenses. The majority of the docket was drug cases.

What student activities were you involved in?

I was the Lead Article Editor of the Journal of Law and the Public Interest, and a member of the Virginia Bar Association Law School Council, the Richmond Environmental Law Society and the Richmond Asian Pacific American Law Student Association.

What will you be doing as a U.S. Army Jag Officer?

I am very fortunate to have an offer from the U.S. Army 184th Officer Basic Jag Corp.  I’ve always wanted to serve and want to build on the service given to this country by others.  It’s a four-year commitment beginning in February of 2011. When I finish, I will be working on administrative and criminal matters within the military courts.