Noah Nelson is pursuing more than one degree at the University of Richmond – in fact, he will earn three by the time he graduates in 2011. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies and French in 2004 and when he decided he wanted start a business, Noah pursued a Master of Business Administration to help him fully understand the corporate dynamic. “You can have the best reasoned argument, but unless you have a strategy behind it, it doesn’t matter,” he says. After taking a year off, Noah entered the dual degree program that will provide him with a Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration.

As a child, Noah attended an all boys’ Catholic military school from middle through high school.  “I had a good teacher who taught me to think critically and helped me evaluate what I thought was important.” He credits his mother with putting things in perspective for him. “My mom worked two jobs to put me through school,” he says.  To supplement her efforts, Noah worked full-time to pay for his undergraduate studies and he bartends at a local restaurant to help cover law school tuition. 

Noah sees his education as “another lens to view problems and find solutions.” Ultimately, it is his desire to reach out to others that matters most. For six years, he mentored kids through the Carver Promise Mentoring Program in Richmond. “I didn’t go to a diverse school growing up and I wanted to get involved.”  Carver was a great thing and it was the right thing to do.” 

This summer, Noah plans to work overseas in the area of strategy and project development.