Hometown: Hudson, Wisconsin
Academics: Double major in leadership studies and business administration (marketing). Minor in law and the liberal arts
Internship: Business analyst intern with Target Corp.
On campus activities: Events coordinator for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship; Collegiate Disaster Relief Team; Student admissions representative

What drew you to this particular organization?

I have always respected Target as a company. They have a solid reputation in both the business world and the community. However, one of the most appealing factors was the fact that it was close to home. I would be able to spend some time at home before graduating while gaining valuable real-world experience with a Fortune 50 company.

How did you land the internship?

I found the internship by complete accident. Jepson requires an internship for the major and they give you several resources and meetings to instruct you on how to land one. During one of these sessions, it was mentioned that you can find internships on a company’s "Careers" link on their Web site. Someone at the Career Development Center showed us how it's done by going to Target.com. She looked at job postings and mentioned that if anyone was looking for a business internship in Minneapolis, that there were some listed. The internship fit me perfectly and I applied last-minute.

 What is your role there and what are some of the projects you’re working on currently?

I am a business analyst intern with the dairy department. I'm on a team of three that is dealing with a specific project. Target has launched a new type of store called PFresh that has expanded options in grocery and produce. My task is to look at these current PFresh stores and make sure they are managing their inventory appropriately. Hopefully, my work will carry over into new PFresh remodels in the future. Odds are that if you walk into a Target PFresh store anywhere in the country, you'll see the result of my work, which is really exciting.

How have your classes prepared you for the internship?

I frequently fall back on my knowledge from business and leadership courses. I frequently use my knowledge of group dynamics to be more cognizant of conflict, communication, or even behaviors within my team. My business classes have really given me a critical eye for a lot of the tasks that I do on a daily basis. Even the trivial things that you didn't see how they applied in class become relevant.

How do you think this experience will benefit you in the future?

At the end of the summer, I'm really hoping to receive a job offer from Target to become a full-time business analyst. At the very least, I've seen what the corporate world is like. I know that the difference in company cultures is drastic and I am also better aware of what types of careers exist within corporations. I had no idea that jobs like this existed, so I'm excited at the prospect of being able to do what I'm doing full-time.