Cadets Justin Sandy and Jeremiah Hencke, sophomores at the University of Richmond, were selected to train with 1,100 USMA cadets during West Point's rigorous eight-week summer field training program. The training is conducted at Camp Buckner, N.Y. and at Fort Knox, Ky. Only about 100 ROTC cadets nationwide, representing 274 senior ROTC host colleges, are afforded this opportunity. This is the third year that University of Richmond cadets have been selected for this highly competitive training program.

The University of Richmond's ROTC program earned Top Battalion honors from the North Carolina/Virginia (NC/VA) Brigade, along with earning the United States Army Cadet Command recognition as one of the top 40 programs in the nation. This achievement is accompanied with a $2,500 cash award that allows the cadre to purchase additional training equipment for cadets. This recognition accompanied further honors: LTC Doug Gillem, the Spider Battalion's commander, was named the Professor of Military Science of the Year in NC/VA and Mr. Colin Nelson, the Battalion's logistics technician, was named the Logistician of the Year for NC/VA schools.