Major: Rhetoric and Communication Studies
Academics: Study abroad in Monterrey, Mexico
Activities: Marketing internship for South Bank Centre in London, England
Public relations internship for small record label in Los Angeles, California
Westhampton College Student Senate
Campus Activities Board
Schola Cantorum
ESL tutor

After Richmond, what’s next?

At the end of July, I’ll be on my way to Indonesia for a year. I’ll be teaching English to high school seniors and learning more about Indonesia in an effort to fulfill Fulbright’s mission of promoting mutual understanding between nations. Since my roots are Indonesian, this grant also offers me an opportunity to learn more about myself, give back to my motherland, and delve further into the field of international affairs.

Where were you when you got the news that you’d been awarded a Fulbright?

I was in the University of Richmond post office when I opened the package of wonderful news from the Institute of International Education – Fulbright. I walked outside dialing my roommate’s number and then hung up when I ran into Andrew McGraw, our Indonesian gamelan guru who is also a Fulbright Scholar and was one of my advisors throughout the Fulbright process.

What would you tell students who were thinking about going through the Fulbright application process?

If you want it, don’t give up and don’t half-heartedly go into it. Have a consistent faculty advisor, roommate, friend, or family member to help advise you when you’re writing 10 to 50 drafts of your proposal and CV. For some reason I wanted this so badly that my writing was stiff, like a boring textbook without natural passion and personality. So my roommate made me record myself aloud, and I discovered thoughts that I couldn’t get on paper.  It’s possibly the hardest thing to find the time to create a great application with a full course-load and other activities, but it’s doable.