“Anyone can learn the facts that are covered in medical school, but my dream is to connect with others when they are most vulnerable and be their advocate.”

This philosophy is what Benjamin Telsey, a University of Richmond biochemistry and molecular biology major, will take with him when he enters medical school this fall at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center for the class of 2013.

Telsey, who was accepted into his top two medical school choices, knew he wanted to become a doctor since he was 10 years old, and his plans are to work as a pediatrician in inner-city America.

His passion for working with children and assisting underserved populations was cemented after two summer experiences volunteering under physicians in China and Kenya. In addition to gaining hands-on medical experience, Telsey was able to learn from professionals in the field about how they’ve used their medical degree to help those who need it most.

“I always knew I had this calling deep inside me to use medicine to serve the most needy populations, but these two trips put that idealistic dream into a tangible reality,” said Telsey. “I routinely ate lunch with the doctors who have become my heroes, and they showed me the impact I could have in my career as a doctor.”

In addition to cementing his career goals, Telsey’s summer experiences gave him the “something extra” that boosted his medical school applications to the top of the list. He also sought the assistance of the Career Development Center when preparing his applications.

“I had to do medical school interviews, and the CDC staff helped me to prepare and present myself well,” he said. “I would recommend that every student check out the CDC. The staff can help students recognize their goals and connect with opportunities to accomplish them.”