Carter Quinley, a University of Richmond sophomore majoring in international studies with a concentration in world politics and diplomacy, has been preparing for a career that will take her around the world since she was a small child.

“I grew up in Thailand, and my family still lives there,” she said. “I was exposed to such unique experiences, and I have developed a passion for the world’s cultures, languages and people.”

As a first-year student at Richmond, Quinley visited the Career Development Center and became active in the center’s programs. She attended Real World 2008, which allowed her to connect with other students and UR alumni, and she began seeing a CDC advisor.

“I think that the CDC can be an incredible resource for first- and second-year students,” said Quinley, who is now serving as a chairperson for Real World 2009. “The center is full of resources to help students explore their major and career options. The staff helped me discover what I am really passionate about, and they helped me put that passion into action.”

Quinley’s action plan includes studying abroad in Senegal, Africa in the fall of 2009. She has also applied for a State Department internship for the summer of 2009 to work at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

“The CDC has been instrumental in helping me to accomplish these goals, especially in preparing me for my State Department application,” said Quinley. “I would not have even known about the internship if it weren’t for the information session the CDC organized. After I decided I would apply for the internship, I scheduled an appointment with a CDC advisor, and we worked on my application together.”

After graduation, Quinley would like to work for the State Department or an international non-governmental organization to pursue a career working to improve human trafficking or human rights abuses in Burma.

As she continues to prepare for life after graduation, Quinley gives her advice to students just beginning their college education.

“Go to the CDC – just do it,” she said. “Go on a 15 minute tour of the new facilities on the third floor of the Commons and learn about the services there. The advsiors genuinely take interest in students’ lives, and they want to do everything they can to help us reach our full potential.”