Kevin Farrelly first heard about the Virginia Governor’s Fellows Program a year ago from an acquaintance who participated in the program. Although it sounded interesting, the senior political science major and history and Italian studies minor forgot all about it.

At the start of this senior year however, Farrelly visited the Career Development Center and heard about the program from one of the staff members. After submitting his application, résumé and cover letter and interviewing with five of the governor’s staff members, Farrelly was selected for the program.

The historic and prestigious fellows program offers a select group of students the opportunity to experience firsthand the administration of state government in the Commonwealth. Farrelly will be placed in the governor’s office or in one of the agencies within the executive branch for a two-month commitment.

“I’m excited to get another, deeper look at the political process,” said Farrelly, who interned with Congressman Steve Rothman of New Jersey during his time at Richmond. “This experience will help me focus on my long-term career goals, because I’m thinking about pursuing a career in politics or international affairs.”

Farrelly decided to focus his post-graduation plans on the political scene because hiring hasn’t slowed as much in the public sector as it has in private industry. He also liked that he was able to pursue an academic interest in a professional capacity. His hopes are that the program will lead to other opportunities—many alumni from the program have gone on to lead very successful careers serving the public.

“A professor recently asked me what I’ve been passionate about in college,” said Farrelly. “That got me thinking about how things you’re interested in can translate into the workplace. This experience will allow me to continue to put my interests to use, and it’s a great opportunity to work in the administration of an important and rising political figure.”