By Mary Morgan, ‘11

Ellis Fleischer-Djoleto was born in London and raised in Ghana. When she began looking at colleges and universities, she decided to leave Ghana and come to the United States because she was attracted to the intensity of the academic systems.  

“I knew that the challenging atmosphere at American schools would allow me to pursue my interests in business and economics, but at the same time have a chance to develop my strength in French and discover other talents in dance and the arts,” Fleischer-Djoleto said. She was specifically attracted to the University of Richmond’s top-ranked Robins School of Business.

Now a senior at the University, adjusting to life at Richmond went smoothly for Fleischer-Djoleto, who decided to focus her studies in economics because of an interest in the analytical and research-based components of the major.

“Economics relates to everyday life,” she said. “I could see economics at work in the day-to-day activities in my developing nation.”  

It was this passion for economics that led Fleischer-Djoleto to apply for a summer internship with J.P. Morgan, a global financial services firm. A study abroad experience and family connections made an opportunity in the company’s London office irresistible.

“I flew to London for the interview at the end of spring semester,” she said. “I was shopping at Westfield Shopping Centre when I got the congratulatory call from HR. I was ecstatic.”  

Fleischer-Djoleto interned in the company’s operations and business services program (OBS). A week after completing her internship and returning to campus, Fleischer-Djoleto received an e-mail from her boss saying that she had been offered a place on the OBS graduate scheme. The rotational position will allow her to try out different desks over a two-year period, including asset management, treasury and securities services, and the investment bank.  

“As someone as new to the industry and to the company as I am, it will give me the chance to develop a better understanding of the company and industry, as well as build my contacts,” she said. “J.P. Morgan is a great company to begin one’s career. The people you work with really make a difference. From day one of my internship, I felt like an integral part of the team. I’m excited to be going back there.”

Fleischer-Djoleto credits her diverse experiences at Richmond with helping her to achieve her career goals.

“I visited the Career Development Center every semester since my freshman year,” she said. “I attended the Spiders on Wall Street Road Trip and various information sessions that were sponsored by the CDC. I took advantage of lectures in the business school and joined the business fraternity Delta Epsilon Chi, which provided a lot of direction.

"Being surrounded by such smart and driven students definitely challenged me to develop my strengths and fueled my drive to succeed in whatever I do. The non-stop, intense workload of my classes prepared me for working in the fast-paced industry of finance and strengthened my ability to multitask.”