Lois Vogle, MBA Program Coordinator was a recipient of the 2010 Arlene Davis Staff Appreciation Award and is focused on forming and maintaining relationships.

Vogle provides administrative support for Senior Associate Dean Richard Coughlan and is responsible for the daily operation of the MBA program. Additionally she administers operating policies and procedures, manages class enrollment/registration, conducts graduation audits and compiles statistical data for organizations and publications. Planning and organizing the Opening Residency program for newly accepted students is also under the umbrella of Vogle’s responsibilities.

She attends recruitment fairs at schools like the University of Virginia, George Mason University and the College of William & Mary. Participating in the Forte Foundation event in Arlington, Va. in September ’10 gave her an opportunity to talk exclusively with women interested in getting their MBA.

Vogle also takes part in career day fairs at local businesses such as Mondial Assistance, Pfizer Inc., and Anthem BC/BS. She has presented to The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and their Women in Business Committee. “I’m very fortunate to have opportunities for outreach to local community groups and businesses.”

“[She] really enhances the student experience from the time of application through the time of graduation,” said Coughlan.

In 2009, she started the “Lunch with Lois” program which takes place monthly at University of Richmond’s Downtown Campus. During the lunch program, Vogle meets with prospective students to provide an overview of the admissions and application process. Guests meet each other, staff members and current MBA students, enjoy a casual lunch, and leave the information session with a broad knowledge of the program.

“I enjoy [facilitating Lunch with Lois]. It’s easy to talk about something you believe in.

According to Coughlan, “There is no doubt that she is our best recruiter. The lunch series she created has strengthened our pipeline and boosted our yield.”

The idea for “Lunch with Lois” came out of a conversation Vogle had with Debbie Fisher, Assistant Director of the MBA program.

“[Lois] is a person who makes things happen… if she hears a good idea that might be helpful in her role, she will take it and run with it,” Fisher said. “I think I mentioned [Lunch with Lois], and two weeks later she had a website and was already marketing the program.”

Vogle’s passion for helping students does not stop once they are admitted into the program. Now starting her eighth year at the University, Vogle still finds satisfaction knowing that she has a role in the accomplishments of MBA students.

“My job is rewarding on many levels. Primary is the opportunity to help students accomplish their academic goals and know that you were a small part of that. The relationships that I build with the students are lasting. I maintain a friendship and keep in touch with our international exchange students long after they return to their home country.

It is not uncommon for Vogle to attend a former MBA student’s baby shower or have a student’s wedding announcement hanging in her office. She connects with students on many levels. It’s about more than just the classes they are taking or graduation requirements.

“She’s good at knowing students inside and outside of the program. These aren’t just student relationships, these are real relationships,” Fisher said.

It is especially significant that Vogle received the Arlene Davis Staff Appreciation Award in 2010 because Davis held Vogle’s position before she retired.

“Arlene is a good friend of mine and was instrumental in acclimating me to this role in the graduate studies office. I knew I had big shoes to fill when I took this position. I was surprised and honored to receive this award.”

“I am extremely fortunate to work with the other members of the MBA staff. We are a strong team with innovative and creative ideas. And, with Dr. Coughlan’s guidance and support, The Richmond MBA will continue to be more than an academic experience, but rather, an academic experience with a unique personal touch for every student,” she said.