“The pressure around producing an ad for the Super Bowl is enormous on several fronts,” said Emily Moore, ’99, a senior producer with Venables Bell & Partners Advertising in San Francisco, Ca. “You’re creating an ad that will be viewed by millions of people at once, and it’s got to be entertaining. The stage itself brings enormous pressure.”

Moore knows this pressure firsthand, having produced clients’ TV spots for the Super Bowl in 2009 and again for the big game in 2011. This year, she worked on Audi of America’s ad, which centered around the concept of two men attempting to break free from a life of “old luxury,” represented by a metaphorical world of “luxury prison.”

“The spot follows them through a series of comical mishaps and distractions as one man easily navigates escape from the luxury prison in an Audi A8, while the other prisoner chooses the old luxury getaway car, which drives him right back to prison,” said Moore.

Moore served as the single point of contact for the client and the production company director, working with the creative team from the beginning of the process. She helped to select directors, editors and other crucial talent to bring the ad concept to production.

“One of the most challenging parts of the job was building this massive world and story with the director, client and creative team, figuring out how to best tell the story in a mere 60 seconds,” Moore said. “Sets were built with an amazing level of detail, our editor did an incredible job editing the spot and the sound designers brought life to all the funny moments. All of these aspects make what you watch real, so it resonates. Each decision was thought over, scrutinized and considered.”

Before she was putting the pieces together to make advertisements come to life, Moore, who majored in English and minored in biology at Richmond, was busy exploring her career options and gaining experience in the field.

“By my junior year at UR, I knew I wanted to work in some aspect of film and TV,” she said. “While in school, I took as many film classes as I could, and I interned at the Virginia Film office in downtown Richmond. I also studied abroad at Northwestern University and took Italian and theater classes in Verona, Italy.”

It was an internship at a news station in Delaware that Moore took after graduation which helped set her career path in motion. From the internship, she returned to Richmond and began work as a receptionist at a post production company. She worked her way up to account manager/producer there before being recruited to work at The Martin Agency, an advertising agency based in Richmond.

“I worked at The Martin Agency for about four years, handling TV and radio ads for GEICO, Miller, AXA, TV Land, NASCAR and Project Exile,” Moore said. “Then I took a job in Miami for Crispin Porter + Bogusky and worked on international ads for Burger King, as well as Truth [anti-smoking campaign] and KNOW HIV/AIDS. In 2007, I moved to California to accept my current position.”

For those looking to follow in Moore’s footsteps, she recommends taking positions where you can prove your interest in the field and work hard to build your connections and skills.

“In this industry, starting out on the ground level will help you learn the ins and outs of the company and, most importantly, the way the industry works,” she said. “The best recommendations come from people you have impressed along the way.”

View Audi of America’s ad at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3snyXTNmFm8.